As mentioned on our previous post, mechanical movement preceded quartz technology by almost a thousand years. Unlike quartz or digital watches, which require a battery to run, mechanical movement harnesses the energy stored in a repeatedly-wound spring. There are two types of mechanical watches, manual and automatic. In this post we’ll explain in plain words and with plenty of illustrations how each of them works, and what “magic” allows quartz crystals to regulate a watch.


Inside of a mechanical watch we will normally find the following units:

  1. Energy
  2. Wheels
  3. Escapement
  4. Controller
  5. Time Indicator.

It will be easier to understand how each unit works if we were to align the components in a row:



Every replica swiss watches needs a power-source. The unit includes a stem, which when rotated by the wearer, forward the motion to a “wounding gear”. This gear wounds the “main spring”. The latter is is a long, rolled up spring that sits inside of a round, flat “barrel”. The back of the barrel actually serves as yet another wheel, AKA the “barrel wheel”. When the main spring slowly unwinds, it rotates the barrel wheel it sits on. The barrel spring transfers the power onward, to the “gear train”(which is often referred to simply as “the wheels”).


The Wheels
The wheels serve two functions. First, they scales up the speed of the rotation driven by the mainspring. With their help, a sturdy, slow-turning spring such as the mainspring, can power a complex watch for days before completely unwinding.

Other than that, the middle wheel of the train is the element in the watch which is responsible for setting the rotation rate of the hours and minutes hands. How it does that? The whole gear train forwards the “raw” energy that comes from the barrel-wheel to the escapement mechanism. The escapement mechanism returns that energy at a regulated rhythm.


The Escapement and Oscillator (Controller)
Unlike others, the escapement wheel only spins in steps. This is achieved by having a pallet connected to the oscillator which serves as “breaks”. In other words, the escapement wheel provides power to the oscillator (pushes it), but “in return” its speed gets regulated.

The regulated pace of the escapement wheel dictates the movement speed of the gear train behind it. In the illustration you can see exactly how it does that. By the way, the edges of the pallet are usually set with gems, so they won’t wear out.


Time indicator
As said, thanks to the escapement and oscillator, the middle wheel of the train gear rotates at a steady rate. Attached to it the “cannon pinion” (another tiny-tiny wheel) that holds and turns the minute hand. It also spins a designated “hour wheel”, that moves the hour hand.

And that’s pretty much it


Auto Draft

Having this spreadsheet allows us to easily determine what the “best” club of each type is. Best is subjective here (of course) because a club can have a really low value for a stat you’re looking for, however, it can be much higher than the rest of the field in other stats (thus giving it a higher % Perfect Weighted score).

If this is the only information you’re interested in, you don’t have to look at any complicated spreadsheet. Here’s a table with that information:

Club Type Club Name Club Level
Driver The Apocalypse 7
Wood The Cataclysm 7
Long Iron The B52 7
Short Iron The Hornet 8
Wedge The EndBringer 7
Rough Iron Nirvana 8
Sand Wedge Spitfire 7

These are the clubs you’re going to want to save your resources for. Be conscious of your experience while playing Golf Clash, though. Do you plan to play the game long-term and farm for the best possible clubs? If so, you’re probably going to only want to spend your gems on the clubs above.

If you’re a more casual player, you can check out the difference in % Perfect Weighted back on our spreadsheet. For example, if you really want a good Long Iron but can’t get your hands on The B52 and already have Tsunami, the % Perfect Weighted difference between a Level 7 B52 and Tsunami is just 0.4%. Just put those levels into your Tsunami.

However, you need to be mindful of the strengths and weaknesses of every club. For example, The Amazon is the second-highest rated Rough Iron in terms of % Perfect Weighted, but its Ball Guide stat is very bad at just 2.5.

However, the Curl, Back Spin, and Top Spin on this club is high above the Level 8 Nirvana, which is the top-rated Rough Iron. Ball Guide is generally an extremely important stat for Rough Irons though. This is why calling any club the best is a bit subjective. You need to really read into the stats.

What is Smart-School?

Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smartwatches, and Smart Schools – the demand for smart products is at an all-time high. People living in this “smart” era can easily prove how smart devices have made their lives better in multitudinous ways. But, is there anyone who can vouch for smart school system’s effectiveness? Does a smart school make a significant difference in children’s development? Or is it just another gimmick to score better than traditional schools? We have covered all your questions here to help you decide why installing smart classes in schools is imperative!

Let’s Start with Basics – What is a Smart School?

Smart school is a technology-based teaching-learning institution that prepares children for the information age. In smart schools, teachers take the help of a wide array of multimedia tools including movies, photos, audio, slides, etc., to make the teaching-learning process more effective and efficient. Unlike traditional schools, the curriculum and guidelines are not rigid and teachers can employ a variety of Educomp multimedia tools for enhanced learning.

The definition of smart schools appears to be straightforward. However, the approach about the impact of adopting smart classes in schools needs to be pondered upon. A majority of smart schools today use advanced technologies to transfer traditional school program. In other words, these schools stick to the traditional curriculum and only use new technologies for disseminating information. On the contrary, there are a few educational institutions that adopt smart school systems staunchly to change the education and tools thereby outpacing traditional educational system.

Smart School Goals – It makes all the Difference!

Today’s goals determine tomorrow’s actions. And this is why smart school goals are farsighted and best-suited for the Information and communication technology (ICT) era. Smart school systems focus on a holistic (physical, mental, emotional and psychological) development of students. It is a proven fact that no two individuals are the same. Then, how can we achieve miraculous results by treating every student alike? Smart schools are designed to identify and hone an individual’s abilities thereby helping them excel in an area of their choice. One of the key goals of smart school systems is to stimulate public participation amongst students. By doing so, students are made to overcome their fears while learning to express their views that further prepare them to face the outside world.

How To Rock Lavaloon- The Most fun Meta!

Hey! I’m sure you’ve seen a fair share of Lavaloon decks out there, but this one is probably the best:

Lava Hound, Balloon, E-Wiz, (Fire Spirits or Miner, you can choose), Minions, Zap, Tombstone, and Skeleton army.

Seriously! Go ahead, check it out on deck check websites. It ranks pretty high for all categories.

Synergies: Good

Defense: Good

Offense: GREAT!

Counters: GREAT!

(Checked on Deckshop pro, it’s a good deck website)

So anyway, this thing went through a lot of changes. I started out with this deck:

This deck is great as well, but then I got E-Wiz and my Mega minion was pretty low level already, so I swapped E-Wiz in. (I tried subbing out Zap for a Log, but that sucked, obviously, because Log has no air defense). I got Log and E-Wiz out of two king’s legendary chests I got for the lunar new year celebration. This deck ROCKETED me up to Jungle arena, (Then, of course, the ever-annoying Matchmaking system lost me down to 2350 trophies. Since then I’ve got myself back up to Jungle arena).Lava Hound, Mega Minion, Balloon, Minions, Zap, Fireball, Tombstone, and Skeleton Army.

This deck can handle most decks I’m put up against, The no-skill decks, the High on Legendary decks, EVERYTHING got thrown at me and I managed to win against all of them. The system pairs me up usually with three people with a similar theme: Wizard and Inferno Dragon, for example. I’ll put down Lava hound and E-Wiz and all of his main counters are toast! Then, when Clash Royale Gems Generator 2nd Anniversary rolled around, I got Miner out of a magical chest. That was the time I realized I could make this deck REALLY good. Lava hound can tank for miner who deals out a LOT of damage, OR, if miner tanks for balloon, That tower is dead if that push goes uncountered. It’s unlikely that it will go uncountered, but it still makes your opponent spend elixir, which is a great upper hand to have. If you don’t have Miner or you want another counter for cards, you can use Fire Spirits who go great with both balloon or Lava hound, (better with Lava hound). Why? because in arenas 6-8 Minion Horde is SO overused, and fire spirits demolish minion horde, allowing the Lava hound to deal heavy damage. If they use Wizard, the no. 2 counter, your fire spirits get the wiz’s health down to one-shot-from-a-lava-pup level, and then your lava pups can deal some nice damage. ?

As you probably know, E-Wiz counters Inferno dragon, because he resets Inferno dragon’s Fire-beam-thingy.

So, in conclusion, This deck is a great one.

Summer Allergies Can Impact Your Looks

Experiencing a summer cold? Feeling and looking like you’ve gone through the wringer? Chances are that you suffer from summer allergies instead. Learn the signs of summer allergies, so you can get the proper treatment to improve both your breathing troubles and drab appearance.

What causes summer allergies?

You may have never experienced allergies before, but one of the unique features about this condition is that it can start at any age of a person’s life during any time of the year. Most Canadian pharmacy people think allergy season is relegated to the spring season, but this myth is inaccurate. Common allergy triggers in the summer include mold and pollen, but fresh fruits and veggies can also cause allergies to flare up. An allergic reaction to fresh produce in the summer is not often a food intolerance; it is most likely food pollen syndrome. You’ll need to see a board-certified allergist to confirm a diagnosis.

What are the symptoms and signs of summer allergies?

You may think you have a summer cold, but Dr. Michael Foggs, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI) encourages you to examine your overall appearance and seek professional help. He tells News Wise, “Symptoms aren’t always limited to the hallmark sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. Black eyes, lines across the nose, and other cosmetic symptoms can occur.”

Check for these changes in appearance if you are experiencing what you think is a summer cold:

  • Dark circles under eyes (called an allergic shiner)
  • Droopy appearance (called an adenoidal face)
  • Lines across the bridge of your nose (called a nasal increase)

If you notice one or more of these physical signs on your face, your summer cold is likely summer allergies instead.

When should you seek treatment for summer allergies?

Adhere to the two-week rule before seeking treatment. Dr. Foggs’ says, “If your symptoms are persistent and last for more than two weeks you should see your allergist for proper testing, diagnosis and treatment. Finding and treating the source of your suffering can also clear up other unwanted symptoms.” Seeking professional support saves you time and money spent on over-the-counter remedies that may not work. Common prescriptions include nasal sprays like Flonase and Nasacort and oral medications like Clarinex.