What is “Internet Marketing”? A primer to help you succeed online

What is “Internet Marketing”? A primer to help you succeed online

You hear the buzz words “internet marketing” all the time. But what do these words really mean? As a Denver website and SEO company, we, at SMM promotion, deal with it all the time, but we realize not everyone else does. It’s really important, however, to improving your business. To help you understand what it is and how you can use it, here’s a quick primer that explains the ins and outs of internet marketing terms and how to incorporate them into your overall SEO and website design strategy.

Email marketing: This method involves using email tools to solicit new business or clients, but it has a caveat: Consumers can opt in or out of receiving your message.

Benefits: It allows you to target appropriate consumers and email contact lists for your products or services.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization uses relevant keywords to drive up your website’s visibility and search engine rankings. It also can bring new prospects to your website.

Benefits: An effective SEO strategy can increase traffic to your website, broaden your market share, provide fast, measurable ROI (return on investment), and bring new prospects to your website in a cost-effective manner.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): PPC is an internet model used to direct traffic to websites where the advertisers pay a website when an ad is clicked.

Benefits: It can provide your business with high exposure and immediate returns; it allows for “geotargeting” and you can control who’s seeing your advertisements; and PPC can be turned on and off quickly, which can help you with budgeting.

Social media marketing: This method utilizes social media to increase your visibility and promote your goods, services, or company’s events to consumers.

Benefits: You can add new content and links to your business website quickly by utlizing your social media outlets and it’s also great for your SEO; it can promote your branding; and it allows consumers to interact with your business and let others know about you through viral marketing.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a powerful yet complex program. If you know the right items to view, it can improve your website and rankings.

Benefits: Google Analytics can provide you with with effective metrics you can use to improve website on a regular basis. It allows you to keep track of traffic items such as number of visitors to your site and keywords that get the most clicks.

Optimized Content Creation: Optimized Content Creation is the art of writing effective content, dense with relevant keywords for the search engines, that also reaches your target audience.

Benefits: Optimized content can allow users to find your website pages easier. It’s imperative to optimize your content so that the search engines rank your website high for relevant keywords