What is Smart-School?

What is Smart-School?

Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smartwatches, and Smart Schools – the demand for smart products is at an all-time high. People living in this “smart” era can easily prove how smart devices have made their lives better in multitudinous ways. But, is there anyone who can vouch for smart school system’s effectiveness? Does a smart school make a significant difference in children’s development? Or is it just another gimmick to score better than traditional schools? We have covered all your questions here to help you decide why installing smart classes in schools is imperative!

Let’s Start with Basics – What is a Smart School?

Smart school is a technology-based teaching-learning institution that prepares children for the information age. In smart schools, teachers take the help of a wide array of multimedia tools including movies, photos, audio, slides, etc., to make the teaching-learning process more effective and efficient. Unlike traditional schools, the curriculum and guidelines are not rigid and teachers can employ a variety of Educomp multimedia tools for enhanced learning.

The definition of smart schools appears to be straightforward. However, the approach about the impact of adopting smart classes in schools needs to be pondered upon. A majority of smart schools today use advanced technologies to transfer traditional school program. In other words, these schools stick to the traditional curriculum and only use new technologies for disseminating information. On the contrary, there are a few educational institutions that adopt smart school systems staunchly to change the education and tools thereby outpacing traditional educational system.

Smart School Goals – It makes all the Difference!

Today’s goals determine tomorrow’s actions. And this is why smart school goals are farsighted and best-suited for the Information and communication technology (ICT) era. Smart school systems focus on a holistic (physical, mental, emotional and psychological) development of students. It is a proven fact that no two individuals are the same. Then, how can we achieve miraculous results by treating every student alike? Smart schools are designed to identify and hone an individual’s abilities thereby helping them excel in an area of their choice. One of the key goals of smart school systems is to stimulate public participation amongst students. By doing so, students are made to overcome their fears while learning to express their views that further prepare them to face the outside world.